Case Study - Ji Xiang Noodle House Menu

Client: Ji Xiang Noodle House Restaurant, a Melco Resorts brand

Creative direction: Both the food and the interior design at Ji Xiang Noodle House could be described as a contemporary interpretation of a traditional northern Chinese dining experience. For this picture menu update, I was asked to create scenes that combine the venue and cuisine. The images focus on the food while incorporating elements of the venue’s aesthetic.

We sourced nearly all the background materials from the restaurant and kept to restrained, descriptive camera angles at the request of the culinary team.

Stylized northern Chinese noodle and noodle making photograph. Chinese soup selection.
Food photograph of a lobster soup. Sea cucumber menu photograph.
Pork ribs and pigeon at Ji Xiang Noodle House. Shrimp in soup.
Desert menu selection.