Privacy Policy


We do not track website users. We use submitted email and contact form information only for the purpose of responding to messages.

It is possible that third parties may track your browsing or submitted form data but they do not do so at our direction.

Cookies and Tracking

We do not use cookies nor other tracking or analytics technology to monitor website visitors.

Web Host and Third-Parties

It is possible that our web host or the providers of third-party libraries and services used by this website may track your browsing in some way. That is not our intention and our knowledge of how any data that may be collected might be used by those third parties is limited to what is presented in their public privacy policies.

Third party companies that we use to run this website include the following:

  • Netlify. Web host.
  • Vimeo. Embedded video provider. We embed their video player with the “no-cookie” option enabled.
  • Font Awesome. Font library.

Use of web browser extensions like Privacy Badger may reduce the amount of information that can be collected by the above companies.

Email and Contact Form

We use the email addresses and other information submitted via our contact form only for the purpose of responding to enquiries and conducting the business immediately related to those enquiries.

We do not sell or give away email addresses nor other contact form information. When responding to emails, we do not use any tracking technology in our emails or otherwise attempt to mine the data in our communications.

We use a high quality email host who promises not to mine or otherwise exploit email data. Netlify, our web host, handles and sees submitted contact form messages.


We delegate the hosting of this website and the operation of our email accounts to competent third parties. However, no electronic communication is completely secure (particularly not email). Please proceed accordingly. Should you wish to arrange communications over technology more secure than email, please contact us to initiate those arrangements.