Case Study - Mocha Café Menu

Char siu pork with chicken and duck for the Mocha menu. Portuguese and Chinese soup picture menu page.

Client: Mocha Café brand, a Melco Resorts holding

Creative direction: Menus that alternate between pages of food photographs and pages of text present a challenging marketing proposition: Restaurant customers, at least in Macau, most often order the dishes they see in the pictures; menus, though, often include more dishes than restaurateurs prefer to photograph singly or in small groups.

With the new Mocha Café brand menu, the client’s solution was to pull back a bit and show a larger number of dishes per photograph. We worked with the culinary team create a unique stylized layout for the dishes in each image with an emphasis on the fresh, vibrant nature of the cuisine.

Chinese noodle page menu photograph for the Mocha Café brand in Macau. Western and Chinese-style noodle dishes, and baked rice.
Curry selection for the Mocha Café. Noodle selection.