Work in Progress: Tianhe Villages

A row of partially-demolished apartment buildings line a lake in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China

After two years based in Guangzhou, I’ve recently begun assembling a few collections of photos based around personal projects I’ve been photographing. Like most photographers, my assigned work is usually a sort of visual problem solving; the client needs images to illustrate a particular item, idea or occasion and I work to find visual solutions with a particular end result in mind.

With much of the stuff I photograph on my own time, the process is far more compulsive; I still want to end up with interesting images at the end but the nature of those images, the process to make them, and time frame involved tends to be a bit murky.

With that said, here’s the first installment: Photographs around old villages of Tianhe District, Guangzhou. All these places are either changing rapidly, gone, or on the brink of complete removal, which has the strange benefit of removing any opportunity to go back and make better images than what I already have.