Muralist Ricardo De Morales Castello in Mexico City

Ricardo De Morales Castello poses in Parque Escandon

Ricardo De Morales Castello is using an unusual technique to create a new mural in Parque Escandon, Mexico City. Rather than relying on the pigments commonly used to create public art - namely paints that can be applied by brush or aerosol spray - Castello is instead employing a toolbox of crayons to create his installation.

Ricardo De Morales Castello works on a mural in Mexico City

Castello’s unusual process involves slowly grinding the wax pastels into the park wall that constitutes the canvas for this work. The resulting surface has an aged patina that he says is impossible to achieve via other means.

Box of crayons used for creating a mural

The highly-geometric mural itself draws inspiration for its motifs from various ancient Mexican civilizations.

Ricardo De Morales Castello near his mural