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Racing Dragons in Guangzhou

I enjoyed photographing the dragon boat races in Macau a couple years ago so decided to check out the Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Tournament this y...

Bikini Fashion Photography in Macau

David Hartung photographing Korean model Vivian Ju (정민정) for a bikini fashion story at the Four Seasons Macau swimming pool… I was there to carry stuff.

Wedding Factory

The Wedding of the Century. There’s something about this place that’s a bit uncanny; perhaps it’s the tacky sets, the assembly line process, or just the wa...

In Transit

To and from an assignment in Henan provence via the Guangzhou - Zhengzhou train.

Dharma Bums

UNESCO sent me to Dengfeng a couple weeks ago to photograph old buildings that have been made to look new and new buildings that have been made to look old...