Racing Dragons in Guangzhou

Three men pull a sunken dragon boat out of the pearl river in Guangzhou, China

I enjoyed photographing the dragon boat races in Macau a couple years ago so decided to check out the Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Tournament this year.

I haven’t checked the race results, but am guessing that the team in the no. 3 boat didn’t do so very well…

Dragon boat team gathers before the Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Race.

This was one of the more intense dragon boat teams.

Crowd watching the Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Tournament

The heavy rain and bizarre security measures around the races weren’t much a deterrent for many spectators, it woud seem. I didn’t mind the rain but the security was horrendous; it seems like all the security barriers and red tape were designed to keep anyone from seeing anything in the water.

Part of the massive security team assembled for the Guangzhou dragon boat races

Most of the security guys were friendly enough, though.

A dragon boat team stretches before racing.

Despite the international title, it seemed that most of the teams were from China.

Elegantly dressed woman watches for dragon boats amidst a sea of umbrellas