Feast of the Drunken Dragon

Two Drunken Dragon festival performers spew beer in the air

The Feast of the Drunken Dragon is one of Macau’s more unusual cultural occasions. It’s an annual event where a group of locals parade around the city madly spewing alcohol while dancing about with wooden dragon statues. Clearly, Macau knows how to throw a party…

A young Drunken Dragon dancer helps splash Tsingtao beer about

The festival is rooted in local Buddhist mythology from the Qing Dynasty. As the story goes, a Budhist monk and a magical serpent helped save a local village from a great plague.

A group of Drunken Dragon dancers spit alcohol into the air

It’s good excuse to galavant about imbibing spirits for a day, it would seem.

A dragon head is helped to a head of lettuce

The mythical dragon is treated to various offerings throughout the day.

Drunken Dragon festival reveler washes the alcohol from his eyes with water

Tsingtao beer seems to be the preferred liquid for the celebration but some harder stuff is also thrown into the mix. Chinese rice alcohol has a bit of a bite when it gets in your eyes.

A group relaxes on parked motorcycles

The youngest Drunken Dragon dancer in the group

The Drunken Dragon crew and props are transported via flatbed truck

It may seem a bit lazy that the festival progresses between a few of it’s stops via truck caravan, but even with that luxury, it’s a long day.

In transit between venues in the inner harbor district of Macau

A profusion of beer and other alcohol is strewn in the air

Drunken Dragon dancers make their way through a Macau restaurant

Festival dancers make the the rounds to a number of restaurants, markets and other business after starting at Kuan Tai Temple near Senado Square.

The route for the Drunken Dragon festival is rather confusing

Two festival leaders study the route. The revelers split off into groups at points, making their way to different shops and markets. I’m surprised anyone is able to remember the directions after ingesting mass quantities of beer.

A Drunken Dragon dance performed to honor storefront offerings

A Drunken Dragon performer guzzles beer in front of Kuan Tai Temple

The Drunken Dragon festival blocks some streets with it's antics

Drunken Dragon festival participants brace themselves to keep from falling

Revelers spew alcohol in front of a market in northern Macau.

There’s a description of the Feast of the Drunken Dragon on the Macau Tourist Office website. To check the date of next years festivities, try What’s On Macau.