Macau Silver Baron - Portraits for MacauINC

A shopkeeper holds a large silver coin in Macau, China.

In the space of a year, Roy I.S. Long has brought Royalex Precious Metals from its formative beginnings at a small space in Macau, to relative prominence. Now occupying numerous storefronts around the city, including a multistory flagship shop, Royalex claims to have one of the largest precious metal coin collections around.

Roy I.S. Long poses in Macau, China.

I haven’t figured out what exactly has enabled Royalex to grab their slice of the gold and silver markets in Macau, a city known for some time as a great bastion of bling. Whatever their source of magic mojo may be, it’s hard to argue the results thus far.

A Royalex Precious Metals store front is illustrated in Macau.

Gold and silver coins are displayed at Royalex Precious Metals

Roy I.S. Long poses in Macau

MacauINC magazine cover with Roy Long