Guangzhou Product Photography - Furniture Catalog Photos in Foshan

Please also see my product photography portfolio.

Update: more recent Guangzhou furniture photography here:

Plastic chair photographed at a factory in Guangzhou, China

A few photos from a lengthy product photo shoot earlier this year. The day spanned two different furniture factories; one in Foshan and the other in Guangzhou or Foshan, I’m not entirely sure (the two cities merge together somewhat).

part of a plastic chair back photographed at a factory in Guangzhou, China

The product photographs are for a new European retail catalog filled with Chinese-made goods.

A plastic chair seat photographed at a factory in Guangzhou, China

Projects using white seamless paper for a background inevitably end up inspiring odd measures to minimize the marks and shoe prints that will appear on the stuff sooner or later; drop cloths around the background help a bit. Removing shoes before setting foot on the material is a must. I think I’ll bring along a stack of disposable hotel slippers next time for all the folks reluctant to remove their shoes for whatever reason.

Glass top table without top made in Guangzhou, China

Wicker chair made in Guangzhou, China

Hanging wicker chair at a factory in Guangzhou, China

Wicker recliner made in Guangzhou, China.