Cosmetic Surgery in China - Shenzhen Medical Photography

Preparing an artificial insert during a nose-enlargement operation in China

A recent editorial photo assignment brought be to Shenzhen to photograph a cosmetic surgery operation at a Louhu District hospital. Photographers are rarely permitted inside Chinese plastic surgery clinics which made the assignment all the better.

A plastic surgery patient is prepared for operation in Shenzhen, Guangdong China

The patient gave permission to have her surgery photographed but wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic as the surgeon, Dr. Li Yujie, deputy chief physician in the Medical Cosmetic Department at Shenzhen Humanity Hospital.

Here, Dr. Li is making reference markings on the patient’s nose before things get underway.

A cosmetic surgery patient's ear undergoes operation in Shenzhen, China

An incision was made in the patient’s ear in order to remove tissue for use in her nose. The surgical opening here is much larger than that made in her nose and was quite a bit more graphic.

Physician Li Yujie shapes a nose insert with a scalpel in China

While his staff worked on the ear, Dr. Li was busy shaping the synthetic insert that he would later shove into an incision made in the patient’s nose.

Cosmetic surgery in progress in Louhu District, Shenzhen, China

I find it funny that people in the west pay to have their noses reduced while Chinese are more apt to have them enlarged.

Cutting a piece of cartilage during a nose-enhancement cosmetic surgery in China

Dr. Li trims a pice of tissue extracted from the patient’s ear.

Cutting a patient's nose during a nose-enhancement operation in Shenzhen, China

Finally the incision is made in the patient’s nose…

Nose enhancement operation at Shenzhen Humanity Hospital in Louhu

…and the area hollowed out so the plastic bit may be inserted. This looks rather uncomfortable but the patient apparently had sufficient sedation. She kept her eyes closed throughout the operation while talking sporadically with the surgeon and nurses.

Li Yujie applies sutures to patient after performing operation to enlarge nose

We spoke with a different patient who had booked a similar operation but had not yet undergone the procedure. He viewed cosmetic surgery as an investment of sorts; the cost of his procedure would soon be repaid in increased financial success.

Medical workers finish suturing a patient's nose at Shenzhen Humanity Hospital

The finished product, albeit before the suturing is quite done.

Medical implements rest on a table near a patient at Shenzhen Humanity Hospital

Scalpels, forceps and other medical implements after the operation.

Li Yujie inspects a patient after performing an operation to enlarge her nose

Dr. Li inspects the patient before she is released.

Shenzhen physician Li Yujie washes his hands after performing nose augmentation

And washes his hands rather thoroughly.

Medical staff member holds silicon breast implant at Shenzhen Humanity Hospital

Is it possible to photograph a cosmetic surgery clinic without including at least one photo of a silicone breast implant? I wouldn’t know…