Mixed drinks, unmixed drinks and non-alcoholic libations at Cafe Deco

Sparkling wine at Cafe Deco Macau

I usually photograph drinks and their aftermath when they are being consumed, rather than before, which made a recent assignment to produce menu photos of a Macau restaurant’s drink selection even more entertaining than it might have been otherwise.

Martinis at Cafe Deco Macau

Cafe Deco Macau is billed as one of the largest restaurants in Asia and is certainly a sizable venue, with a menu to match.

A glass of whisky on the bar at Cafe Deco in the Venetian Macau

Their food menu spans a variety of Western and Asian cuisines, while their published drink selection has historically been a bit more basic.

Red sangria drink at Cafe Deco Macau

In the process of producing an entirely new drink menu, the restaurant’s GM asked me if I might be interested in producing stylized images of a few of their alcoholic and non-alcoholic libations.

A mixed drink at Cafe Deco Macau

I like to make graphic, editorial food photographs, which made the idea a big hit for me.

A martini and a mixed drink with pineapple at Cafe Deco Macau

It seems a few of the drink photos worked out well enough…

A mixed drink at Cafe Deco Macau, Macau China