Cantonese Dégustation at the JW Marriott Macau

Tofu at Man Ho restaurant in the JW Marriott hotel Macau

Over the past year, the JW Marriott Macau has asked me to make new marketing pictures on a number of occasions. These photos are all of Cantonese specialties photographed at the hotel’s signature Man Ho restaurant.

Mushroom dish at Man Ho

We made all the food photos here using background materials sourced at the hotel. I prefer to conceptualize dining images on-site using materials found at the location whenever possible. While some photographers prefer to work with their own props and backgrounds, I find that minimizing outside materials can help maintain a venue-specific flavor for the images.

Dim sum in bamboo baskets

Mother's day soup

Salt baked chicken

Char siu pork

Sea cucumber soup

Prawn and asparagus noodles at Man Ho

Macau Inc Magazine Man Ho tofu feature story screenshot

Man Ho restaurant photographs in print in Macau Inc magazine.