Asia Adult Expo, Venetian Macau

Performer at the Asia Adult Expo with a synthetic masturbation device.

Now in it’s third year of operation, the Asia Adult Expo remains as unusual for south China as the day it opened, although perhaps not quite so novel.

An performer at the Asia Adult Expo tries on a new outfit at a trade fair booth.

Despite having taken the rather liberal step of legalizing prostitution, Macau remains a decidedly conservative local. The city’s night clubs and saunas do boast a significant population of women pursuing carnal sources of income but scant evidence of such activities is visible on the street. The sex industry may be a significant social and economic factor for the city but is really only publicly acknowledged three days out of the year at the expo.

Japanese porn actress relaxes between on-stage performances

Even so, some event attendees complained that the expo lacked the blatant sleaze, titillation and, well, entertainment value they had expected. Oh well…

An Asia Adult Expo attendee enjoys a busty mannequin.

A Japanese cabaret show performer at the Asia Adult Expo

Asia Adult Expo attendees examine a vibrating dildo at a trade fair booth

This couple seemed genuinely overjoyed at the sight of this gadget…

Porn actress Katsumi performs on stage at the Asia Adult Expo

Porn actress Katsumi performing a strip tease.

Japanese adult entertainers on stage at the Asia Adult Expo, Macau, China

Asia Adult Expo guest embraces an inflatable sex doll

Love at first sight?

A model discards her t-shirt during a mock-photo shoot at the Asia Adult Expo

A model discards her torn t-shirt during a bizarre but entirely forgettable on-stage mock photo shoot.

Asia Adult Expo performers watch another act from off stage.

Two entertainers and their handler watch another act perform on stage.

Entertainers mingle with trade fair visitors at the Asia Adult Expo

Australian painter Pricasso paints a portrait

Australian entertainer/painter Tim Patch, aka Pricasso.

Two Playboy models rest in their boot at the Venetian Macau

Inflatable dolls at the Asia Adult Expo, including a Barack Obama doll

An exhibitor disassembling his booth at the end of the event. He seemed to be saving the Barack Obama doll for last.

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