Case Study - Morpheus Menu

Client: Morpheus Hotel, a Melco Resorts brand

Creative direction: Before the opening of Morpheus in Macau, the client invited both David Hartung and myself to produce a extensive library of menu and food marketing photographs at the nearly-completed hotel. Due to the volume of dishes and condensed schedule involved, we worked simultaneously in separate on-location studio spaces to complete the images. During the shoot, Mariana Velasquez, the food stylist, and the culinary teams for the property’s various Chinese and western restaurants moved between their kitchens and our studio spaces.

These images are primarily for the in-restaurant digital menus at the casino-adjacent and fine dining venues in the hotel. We also photographed in-room dining pictures as part of the same project.

Chandelier Creative designed the brand identity for the property, and with it introduced the clean, minimal aesthetic reflected in these images.

Fried noodles with scallops and shrimp. Morpheus meat and side dish selection.
Soup with prawn. Baked clay pot rice menu selection.
Steamed fish at Morpheus Macau. Menu illustration.