Pictures from recent editorial and commercial photography assignments around China, Macau, and Hong Kong. Most work involves food, portraiture, or industrial locations.

Portrait of a Violin Restorer

Céline Garnier - Portrait of a Violin Restorer.

I first met Céline Garnier over a year ago while researching a project involving violin makers (this one). Céline was in the process of moving her practice from her home workshop to a new space in Hong Kong's Sheung Wan district at the time, ruling out the immediate possibility of a workshop portrait, which is what I had in mind. Six months later, she had settled into her new workshop. I had time to work on personal projects then, so stopped by to make a portrait and a few other still images.

Another six months then went by before I came to the realization that Céline and her work were just the sort of subjects I was looking to find for a short documentary film.

California Wine Arrives in Macau

California wine feature in Macau Inc magazine

Until recently, I had not seen a bottle of California wine in China. Macau and Hong Kong have long been known for their bourgeois alcoholic imports but those have mostly been of European lineage; in wine, France, Italy, and Portugal dominate, with the occasional bottle from Australia, New Zealand, or Chile.

This assignment - to illustrate a selection of vintages from the west coast of North America - was therefore oddly reassuring in a "Go 'Merica" sort of way.