Pictures from an Exhibition - “Macau: Work in Progress” Event Video

So this is a video not pictures and the event was a book launch not an exhibition but still, I think I can justify the title: The event did rather resemble an exhibition (with loads of printed photographs lining the walls) and this video is composed primarily of individual still photos sewn together…

On December 6th, David Hartung officially launched his book “Macau: Work in Progress” at the Macau Military Club. I’ve had the honor and privilege of hanging about Macau while David made many of the images in his book, which has made it all the more exciting to see the work printed in this monograph of sorts.

I’m terrible at socializing at this sort of social occasion so decided to make a time-lapse video of the book launch instead (it was that or drink all the wine). Three cameras, a couple bags of lenses, 20+ CF cards and 270GB of raw data, and here are the results:

I also filmed an interview with David in Dongguan and Hong Kong about how he put the book together. Check it out.

Edit: Macau: Work in Progress is now available for purchase online at the Pearl River Gallery (which I helped establish).