Macau Portraits at the Venetian

Ciaran Carruthers, director of Venetian and Piaza operations at Sands China, poses in Macau.

This fall brought an unusually large number of portrait assignments at the Venetian casino/resort in Macau. The Sands Corp property is an enormous structure that is nearly always brimming with people and famously difficult to navigate for newcomers. Portrait locations that are graphically interesting and uncrowded are rare and difficult to locate; there are vast numbers of people congregating, milling, jostling just about everywhere.

Ciaran Carruthers poses at the Venetian Macau casino resort.

With that said, it is no coincidence that the backgrounds in the portraits here are free of extraneous human forms.

Jazz artist Anthony Strong poses at the Venetian Macau

David Sylvester, senior vice president of global retail at Las Vegas Sands Corporation, poses at the Venetian Macau

David Sylvester poses in Macau