Food Photography at Yamazato Macau

Sushi dish at Yamazato restaurant in Macau

Yamazato Macau is on a growing list of venues I’ve photographed multiple times. Like many restaurants in Macau, Yamazato has an interesting design and staffs friendly chefs who prepare attractive food; it still can be difficult to find new pictures each visit.

Fish dish at Yamazato restaurant

Akira Hayashi, executive chef for Japanese fine dining, poses in the Yamazato restaurant at Hotel Okura, Macau.

Akira Hayashi, Yamazato’s executive chef, was short on time, but this window did end up being an interesting graphic element.

Interior of Yamazato restaurant, Hotel Okura, Macau.

The restaurant is scheduled for a redesign, which will be the end of the road for the bubble-shaped tea room on the right. Paying guests apparently didn’t enjoy the structure enough to keep it around; that doesn’t lessen its value as a visual element for pictures though.

Chef at Yamazato restaurant, Macau.