Making of the Photo Book - Macau Work in Progress

David Hartung invited me to visit his printer for the first day printing his photo book “Macau: Work in Progress” last month in Hong Kong. I first came to Asia to work with David at Destination Macau magazine where he photographed most of the material for this book so I knew that the images would be interesting. What I didn’t fully anticipate was how visually compelling the factory itself would be - for video.

After two days filming at the printer in Hong Kong and another two at the bindery in Dongguan, China, I came away with this clip. Perhaps the interview with David will be informative for anyone interested in the processes of producing a photo book. Perhaps the clip will be visually interesting as well; hopefully both.

Check out David’s website for more graphic Macau photography or, for a 50 second look through David’s 300+ page photo tome, try the time-lapse video below:

Edit: Macau: Work in Progress is now available for purchase online at the Pearl River Gallery (which I helped establish).