Canton Fair and New Construction in Guangzhou

Construction workers walk through a residential development in Haizhu District, Guangzhou

I took a quick trip out to Pazhou to visit the Canton Fair and a nearby construction project for the New York Times a few weeks ago.

Welding helmets are displayed at the Canton Fair in Pazhou, Haizhu District, Guangzhou

The first time I visited the Canton Fair, many of the exhibitors were unfriendly or even downright hostile. On that visit, well over half a dozen exhibitors threw raging, inexplicable tantrums upon discovering me attempting to photograph in or around their exhibition booths. Luckily that has changed over the years; on this visit, people were certifiably friendly. Perhaps fair vendors have realized that harassing attendees may adversely effect public relations.

Vehicles pass by the Pazhou Tower and a new residential development in Guangzhou, China

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Heavy Lending Creates a Surge in Chinese Economy - story screenshot