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Public Works

An exploration of the intersection of old and new ways of life in Guangdong Province, China, via newly-installed public works projects.

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Wireless Trees series photograph.

Wireless Trees

A brief study of camouflaged telecommunications towers in southern China.

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Darlingtonia californica thumbnail

Darlingtonia californica

Images of Darlingtonia californica plants found in-situ in southern Oregon. Darlingtonia californica is an uncommon carnivorous plant species endemic to a limited range of biomes distributed in northern California and southern Oregon. These photographs are from an area with a confluence of both ultramafic soils and perennial seeps supportive to Darlingtonia.

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Changsha Calling thumbnail

Changsha Calling

Travel photographs for a story about the city of Changsha in Hunan Province, China.

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Guangzhou Underground thumbnail

Guangzhou Underground

A series of documentary photographs made aboard the Guangzhou Metro subway system.

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Tianhe Villages thumbnail

Tianhe Villages

Documentary images from a few of the last remaining urban villages in the new city center of Guangzhou, China.

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Violin makers thumbnail

Violin Makers

Portraits of violin makers in their workshops in Asia and central Europe.

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Umbrella movement thumbnail

Umbrella Movement

Portraits of protesters in Hong Kong from the fall of 2014.

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