Dead Hard Drives, Broken Camera Parts

3.5" SATA hard drive platter and arm

Most photographers with an interest in still life imagery have probably accumulated various assortments of items to shoot at a later date. I presently have a backlog of various electronic bits that should look interesting but haven’t made it into a picture yet.

2.5" IDE laptop hard drive platter

I’ve wanted to get a closer look at a hard drive platter for a while, which I did yesterday.

I also wanted to see how easy it might be to securely delete data. With a hammer.

smashed 2.5" IDE laptop hard drive platter

As it happens, 2.5” IDE drive platters shatter readily, and to completely satisfactory effect, whereas larger 3.5” SATA disks deflect blows and bend without breaking, which is highly disappointing.

smashed 2.5" and 3.5" hard drives

I think I’ll try out a metal boring drill bit next time a 3.5” drive goes down.

Broken Canon 20d shutter assembly

My Canon 20d camera ate two shutter assemblies like this before I sold it.

Canon 5d II circuit board with DIGIC 4 chip

This is the main circuit board from my 5d II. Canon replaces the entire board to fix the USB connector when it wears out, which seems excessive.

Canon 5d II circuit board missing faulty USB port