Hong Kong

Photographer in Hong Kong

Interior photograph at Spiga restaurant in Central, Hong Kong

Since first arriving in Hong Kong ten years ago, I have photographed a broad array of editorial and commercial projects in the territory. Most of the projects I pursue as a photographer in Hong Kong are an outgrowth of the hospitality-related food and dining work I have established in Macau. Environmental portraiture - for editorial and commercial clients - and architectural interior photography are both often involved in my projects as well.

Local clients include Prestige, Tasting Kitchen, Park'N Shop, and Bloomberg News. Read more about my work or write me to discuss your project.

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Food Photography at Spiga in Hong Kong

Interior photo at Spiga restaurant in Hong Kong

Dining Concepts asked me to make a few new marketing pictures at SPIGA Hong Kong last year. The restaurant is located in the center of Central, so to speak, in one of the many steel and glass buildings that line Queen's Road.

The interior was imagined by celebrity designer Joyce Wang and has a hip mid-century theme that verges on steampunk. Brass light fixtures and distressed tile work abound, as do colors and patterns that appear to be plundered from a forgotten far away diner. The collective theatrical assembly is framed by the confluence of the restaurant's decorative sweated copper plumbing and the building's swanky angular surroundings.

Portrait of a Violin Restorer

Céline Garnier - Portrait of a Violin Restorer.

I first met Céline Garnier over a year ago while researching a project involving violin makers (this one). Céline was in the process of moving her practice from her home workshop to a new space in Hong Kong's Sheung Wan district at the time, ruling out the immediate possibility of a workshop portrait, which is what I had in mind. Six months later, she had settled into her new workshop. I had time to work on personal projects then, so stopped by to make a portrait and a few other still images.

Another six months then went by before I came to the realization that Céline and her work were just the sort of subjects I was looking to find for a short documentary film.

Portraits of Raphael le Masne de Chermont at Shanghai Tang

Portrait of Raphael le Masne de Chermont

Business portraits in Hong Kong come with a unique set of challenges: The spaces available are usually cramped, boxy and beige; available time is often limited, and the personalities involved are frequently temperamental. Lucky for me, Raphael le Masne de Chermont has an exceptionally genial temperament and the Shanghai Tang boutique in Central is far more shapely than most other retail spaces in Hong Kong.