Photographer in Guangzhou

Photograph of the Guangzhou Tower, IFC Tower and other Tianhe District buildings flanking the Pearl River at dusk

Of the ten years I have spent based in Asia, half of that time has been invested in Guangzhou. During my tenure in the city, I have photographed projects locally for UNESCO, the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fortune China, and the city of Guangzhou, among other organizations. As a photographer in Guangzhou, I have been called on by multinational firms from FedEx to McCormick to visually represent their brands in the best light possible.

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Public Works


Guangzhou Sex Toy Market

Sex dolls are displayed in Guangzhou

Nestled up a small side street near the Guangzhou wholesale clothing market sits an unassuming tile-coated building. Housed inside are a few dozen shops peddling various types of "adult" paraphernalia; dildos, fake vaginas, and sex dolls line the walls of shops that are strikingly similar to those selling dried herbs in other parts of the city. Old women and small child roam the halls alongside a surprisingly diverse assortment of buyers.