Pictures from recent editorial and commercial photography assignments around China, Macau, and Hong Kong. Most work involves food, portraiture, or industrial locations.

Recent Macau Doctor Portraits

Dr. Xu Zhonghuang poses in Macau, China.

For the past two years or so, I have made an environmental portrait of a doctor each month for a magazine column. In that time, the staff at the Macau University of Science and Technology Hospital have gamely suffered my quixotic attempts to find new pictures in an undeniably beige venue. I have also become somewhat accustomed to donning scrubs, although I still often select the wrong size.

These are a few recent portraits of MUST doctors.

Macau Portraits at the Venetian

David Sylvester, senior vice president of global retail at Las Vegas Sands Corporation, poses at the Venetian Macau

This fall brought an unusually large number of portrait assignments at the Venetian casino/resort in Macau. The Venetian is an enormous structure that is nearly always brimming with people and famously difficult to navigate for newcomers. Portrait locations that are graphically interesting and uncrowded are rare and difficult to locate; there are vast numbers of people congregating, milling, jostling just about everywhere.

China Rouge Pictures - Galaxy Macau

Dim Sum Cocktail at China Rouge nightclub

I have spent an inordinate amount of time at China Rouge - close to two weeks total, I imagine, for various projects - yet the place remains an exotic destination. The venue is designed around a maze of serpentine hallways lined with dark paneling, partially occluded mirrors and opaque etched glass. During business hours, those elements mix with dramatic lighting and clouds of smoke to thoroughly mysterious effect.

Lines Lab Macau Portraits

Manuel CS and Clara Brito pose with Lines Lab umbrellas on the roof of their studio building

Lines Lab has been one of Macau's most visible design houses for over a decade. In years past, their brand was difficult to miss thanks in part to their location in the atmospheric Albergue SCM compound (a cluster of colonial Portuguese buildings frequented by tourists and known to most locals as the "old ladies' houses"); I recently made portraits of the Lines Lab design team (Manuel CS and Clara Brito) at their new, large studio space located in a redeveloped factory building re-purposed to house creative business ventures.