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Hong Kong is a city where it seems everyone is constantly selling, shopping, or on the way to sell or shop; yet with all that commerce, finding the right place to buy many specialty items in the city - professional photography equipment, for instance - is surprisingly challenging. Many shops have poor online presences or are just plain obscure.

In an effort to make some of the better Hong Kong photo equipment businesses a bit easier to locate (and to avoid regurgitating this sort of information in emails), here is a list of the places where I have done business, shopped, or been referred in Hong Kong.

last updated 2016-05-06. Additions and corrections always welcome


General Camera Shops

A note on pricing: Hong Kong rates for common items - like new Canon and Nikon kit - are usually similar to those at the major American mail order outfits. Prices for less common imported items can be all over the map.

  • Zhao Xiang Guan
    Rm 1201-02, 12/F, Kimberley House
    35 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
    zxgcwsel [at] hotmail [dot] com
    Tel: +852 2722 0068
    +852 2722 0161
    Fax: +852 2366 9915

    Zhao Xiang Guan has a reputation for being amongst the best general camera and light photo equipment shops in Hong Kong; my limited experience with them has been positive. It is certainly the best camera shop I've seen in Tsim Sha Tsui. Some say you will get the best results working with Sun.

    Zhao Xiang Guan is one of the few places in Hong Kong that carry Photoflex lighting. I've also heard that it is the best place to buy used cameras and lenses in the territory.

  • Photo Scientific Photographic Equipment and Supplies
    64 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan
    Tel: +852 2525 0550
    Fax: +852 2810 6917
    Email: enquiry [at] photoscientific [dot] com

    Photo Scientific is the first camera shop I was introduced to in Hong Kong was a perennial favorite of many at its former location on Stanley Street. The former manager, Mr. Poon, was amongst the most personable camera shop salesmen in Hong Kong (a place known for an otherwise abrasive retail environment) but has since retired.

    Photo Scientific has a good selection of cameras and lenses, stocks various films and can order seamless paper backgrounds. They stock small accessories but are not the place to go for lighting, grip or studio equipment.

  • Mirama Photo Supplies
    45 Stanley Street Central
    Hong Kong
    As of 2013-05, I'm told Mirama is now located on the other side of the street - something like 21 Stanley St.; if you can confirm the new address, please do.

    Mirama Photo is just down the street from Photo Scientific. I don't find the environment there nearly as charismatic as Photo Scientific but they do have a similar selection of cameras, lenses and small accessories.

  • DC Wave
    Shop 323-324, 3/F., Sim City
    47-51 Shan Tung Street
    Mong Kok, Hong Kong
    2940 6282

    DC Wave is one of better shops in Mong Kok. It is part of a large, multi-story indoor photo market with a variety of shops that include purveyors of inexpensive (often low-quality) Chinese-branded photo goods, used camera shops and other odds and ends. The shops here are a bit more upscale than the Apliu Street market shops (see below) but generally not aimed at professional photographers.

    DC Wave has a selection of cameras and lenses but specializes, it seems, in imported accessory brands that are a bit scarce in Hong Kong: ThinkTank, Markins, Photoflex, and Lumiquest, amongst others. Prices are generally higher than at B&H Photo or Adorama.

  • Wing Shing Photo Supplies
    G/F.,55-57 Sai Yeung Choi Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    +852 2396 6886

    I haven't visited Wing Shing but some folks seem to like the place. Website in Chinese only.

  • Tin Cheung Camera

    Tin Cheung has a number of retail outlets in Hong Kong. I find their prices high and haven't been impressed by their staff; they do carry a broad range of equipment and are relatively convenient to find in a pinch.

There are many other retail purveyors of cameras in Hong Kong. I would avoid most of them at all costs, particularly the places in Tsim Sha Tsui with window displays full of shrink-wrapped DSLRs and point-and-shoots. Be sure to check for a valid international warranty for Canon and Nikon goods if manufacturer coverage is a concern.

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Rental and Lighting

  • Rent A Pro Limited Hong Kong
    407 Block B Ming Pao Center
    18 Ka Yip Street
    Chai Wan
    Hong Kong
    +852 2838 6328
    info [at] rentaprohk [dot] com

    Rent A Pro is the main (only?) still photography rental house in Hong Kong and the only supplier I know for some professional expendables like color correction gels. They make a nice large light stand bag that is a particularly good value (although rather large). Prices for equipment are often on the high side but the guys know their stuff and are helpful.

  • A&S Broadcast Hong Kong
    15/F., YooHoo Tower,
    38-42 Kwai Fung Crescent,
    Kwai Chung, N.T.
    Hong Kong
    Phone : +852 2499 1011
    E-mail : info [at] asbroadcast [dot] com

    A&S is a good place to buy lights and video equipment. All my Dedolights are from A&S; they have excellent prices for Dedolights. The company is geard towards video and isn't really a retail operation; get a quote for the exact things you want well ahead of time and then be prepared to wait for them to be ordered and shipped. Be sure to ask for Peter Chang; he seems to be the only member of the staff who does any selling.

  • Film Gear
    No.7, Cumberland Road, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
    (852) 2794 3608
    Mr. Donny Chan/ Mr. Johnny Leung
    info [at] filmgear [dot] net; donny [at] filmgear [dot] net; johnny [at] filmgear [dot] net

    Film Gear is a manufacturer of really nice fresnels and other continuous lighting fixtures. I've picked up orders from their Guangzhou factory but it is possible to arrange to collect equipment from their Hong Kong office as well. Their fixtures are high quality and priced well; their prices for bulk expendables are excellent as well (if you need a full roll of CTB, for instance).

    Film Gear isn't a retail operation; if you only want to buy one fixture or if you need to pick up a few lights in a hurry, they might not be able to help.

  • Cinerent Limited
    No.7, Cumberland Road, KowloonTong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    Tel: (852) 2338 7188
    Fax: (852) 2338 3186
    Email: hongkong [at] cinerent [dot] net

    Cinerent is the best-known rental house in Hong Kong serving the motion picture industry. They are run by the same parent company as Film Gear, I believe. I've never worked with them directly but would enquire if I needed to rent a large quantity of continuous lighting, grip equipment, camera support or sound paraphernalia.

    There is another cinema rental house in Hong Kong but I have been disappointed in the state of repair of their rental items.

  • Hong Kong Camera Rental
    9c, Unionway Commerial Building
    283 Queen's Road Central
    Hong Kong
    +852 66806333
    +852 34891318

    Hong Kong Camera Rental is a relatively new entrant into the Hong Kong rental market. I have no experience with them beyond their request to be included in this list.

  • The Lens Room
    +852 5605 4962
    lensroomhk [at] gmail [dot] com

    The Lens Room offers an unusual rental service; they deliver and pick up the equipment from your door. I haven't worked with them but have heard positive feedback.

  • b3camera
    +852 9848 7993
    rent [at] b3camera [dot] com
    Shop 27 3/F Metro Sham Shui, 226-242 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    (Sham Shui Po MTR station Exit D1)
    10:00am- 8:00pm (By Apointment Only)

    b3camera is another new outfit specialized in renting out DSLR cameras and lenses.

  • HMI Rental
    Wendy: +852 6171 2588 (the owner/manager, or so I'm told. She apparently speaks Mandarin and presumably Cantonese but limited English)

    HMI seems to be the HK rental house of choice for budget film/video productions. They stock hot lights, Kinos, stands and other grip, as well as some camera support options. Their stuff is well-used and often in a poor state of repair in my experience. Their lights are all wired with huge industrial connectors that need an adapter to connect to regular household HK/UK wall sockets; be prepared to rent lots of their heavy, bulky stingers.

  • Radiant Company
    Rm. 101 1/F - Thomson Ctr
    76 Thomson Rd.
    Wanchai Hong Kong
    Phone: +852 2575 7859
    Fax: +852 2520 0973
    radiantco [at] yahoo [dot] com [dot] hk

    Radiant is the distributor for Elinchrom strobes in Hong Kong. They also offer repair services.

  • Prosperity Lamps
    Peter Chong
    +852 3416 8331
    +852 9026 9862
    peter [dot] chong [at] prosperitylamps [dot] com

    I don't have any experience with Prosperity Lamps but hear they sell continuous lighting fixtures for video production and still photography.

  • Shriro
    Suites 4201-3, 42/F., One Island East
    18 Westlands Road
    Island East (Quarry Bay), Hong Kong
    852 2524 5031
    info [at] shriro [dot] com [dot] hk

    Shiriro is the HK distributor for Broncolor strobes and Hasselblad cameras among other things. I asked them for a quotation once and was not impressed.

  • Falconeyes
    Unit E1, 11/F, Phase 1,
    Hang Fung Bldg.,
    2G Hok Yuen St.,
    Hung Hom,
    KLN, Hong Kong
    +852 2363 2825
    info [at] falconeyes [dot] com [dot] hk

    Falconeyes is a manufacturer/distributor of Chinese-produced lighting equipment. I haven't been to their HK office but have bought some grip equipment from their shop in Guangzhou. Their stuff is generally a step above the completely generic Chinese stuff (much of the merchandise at Apliu Street falls in the later category). I prefer to use grip from Matthews, Manfrotto and such but their merchandise is difficult to find and/or extremely over-priced in Hong Kong; Falconeyes does the job in a pinch.

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Seamless Background Paper

  • Keng Seng Trading & Co., Ltd.
    1/Floor, Winner Commercial Building,
    401 - 403 Lockhart Road,
    Hong Kong.
    Tel.: +852 2591 1068
    Fax: +852 2893 2259
    hongkong [at] kengseng [dot] com

    I haven't visited Keng Seng but hear they carry seamless background paper in just about every color out there.

  • Photo Scientific Photographic Equipment and Supplies
    See listing above under "General Camera Shops" for address

    I don't believe Photo Scientific stocks seamless paper; I am told that they can and will order it by request.

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Camera Repair and Service

  • Canon Professional Services Hong Kong
    17/F., 26 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon (exit L1 from the East TST MTR station)
    the service center is now in a separate building:
    20/F, iSQUARE, 63 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (exit H from the TST metro station)
    +852 2170-2860
    canon_cps [at] chk [dot] canon [dot] com [dot] hk

    Canon Professional Services Hong Kong is the place to go in Hong Kong if you have a Canon camera in need of TLC. Discounts are given to CPS HK members; turn around time is also a little faster.

    If you bring a camera in for a sensor clean before 11, you can usually pick it up later that day. Most repairs take two days to a week.

  • Nikon Professional Services Hong Kong
    Nikon Hong Kong LTD.
    Suite 1001, 10/F
    Cityplaza one
    1111 King's Road
    Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong

    I don't shoot Nikon so have not worked with NPS or been to their HK NPS office (please verify the above address before visiting!). I have heard that Connie is their top rep: +852 2902 9007

  • Sellen International
    Room 1105~6, Chevalier House, 45-51 Chatham Road South,T. S. T. Kowloon, Hong Kong.
    (852) 23349381
    (852) 27640243
    info [at] sellenhk [dot] com

    A friend reports that Sellen works on Mamiya equipment, apparently exclusively.

  • Camera Repair Centre LTD.
    17B G/F Champagne Court
    16 Kimberley Road
    Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
    Hong Kong
    +852 2366 3002

    I haven't visited the Camera Repair Centre and am generally leery of Champagne Court in general, but have heard of this repair shop successfully addressing faulty Nikon equipment.

  • Panda Camera-Repair Service
    Mr. Lee Cho Tat
    Penthouse, Double Building, 14/F
    22 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong
    Tel: 2522 9905, 2522 9908

    I have heard Panda mentioned as a good independent repair shop but have no experience with them myself.

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Scanning, Printing, Film Processing and Related Services

Of the below firms, I only have direct experience with Chaudigital. I have heard good things about the other places from friends who have used their services.

  • Chaudigital Hong Kong Limited
    Room 609, Chai Wan Industrial City, Phase 2, 70 Wing Tai Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong
    (852) 9240 1131

    Chaudigital is the Hong Kong distributor for Hahnemuhle papers. Danny Chau, the firm's founder, is perhaps the best-regarded fine art printer in the region.

    I have only bought paper at Chaudigital; a friend has commissioned Danny to make a few extremely large prints with pleasing results. Chow Yun-fat happened to be visiting Danny when I was there and gave me a ride to Sham Shui Po, which makes it difficult for me to rank either the shop or the actor as anything but the coolest in Hong Kong.

  • Media Visual
    36 Tai Chung Hau
    Sai Kung, NT, Hong Kong
    +852 6680 8272
    gresham [at] mediavisual [dot] com

    This sounds like a small b-to-b operation offering printing, laminating and mounting services.

  • Christco
    Flat B, 5/F., North Point Ind Bldg., 499 King's Road, North Point, H.K.
    (852) 2889 0171
    gloria [at] christco [dot] com [dot] hk

    Christco apparently no longer processes film (see the comments). They do appear to be one of the few (if only?) shops offering drum scanning.

  • Hong Kong Imaging
    Hong Kong Imaging
    9/F, Henan Building
    19 Luard Road (entrance on Jaffe Road)
    Wanchai, Hong Kong
    contact [at] hongkongimaging [dot] com
    Telephone: (852) 3180-7680
    Mobile Phone Number: (852) 6971-6761
  • Digital Force
    Room A, 7 Floor,
    Wah Ha Factory Building,
    8 Shipyard Lane,
    Quarry Bay
    Telephone 2573 2092

    E6 processing as well as other lab services.

  • Color Six
    1/F, 51 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
    +852 2526 0123

    Digital and analog processing and enlargement, as well as framing and related services. I have heard them mentioned a few times but usually in the context of finding someone else to do the job.

  • Excellent Colour Limited
    +852 2866 8893
    701 Beverly House, 93-107 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai

    Fine art injet printing and related services.

  • Widerhall
    2810-11 Hing Wai Centre
    7 Tin Wan Praya Road
    Tin Wan, Aberdeen, HK
    +852 2518 8916
    info [at] widerhall [dot] com

    Yet another fine art inkjet printing operation.

  • Quixotic Gallery
    +852 9609 2124
    1801 Wing On Central Building
    28 Des Vouex Road Central,
    Hong Kong
    +852 9609 2124
    quixoticgallery [at] gmail [dot] com

    Quixotic Gallery specializes in printing on canvas. I haven't used them but they do come highly recommended from a photographer I respect.

  • FilMe
    14B, Redana Centre,
    25 Yiu Wa St.,
    Causeway Bay,
    Hong Kong
    +852 2575 3355
    thefilme [dot] sales [at] gmail [dot] com

    Film, processing and related services. I have no direct experience with the place but it looks like another Lomo boutique (I've seen a few of these open recently). If you are a Holga-toting hipster or otherwise aspire to attain celluloid and silver nirvana, this could be your right up your alley.

  • Dot-Well Photo Workshop
    G/F, 44 Carnarvon Rd,
    +852 2368 3826
    info [at] dotwellphoto [dot] com

    Dot-Well is another shop for analog aficionados; they offer a wide-range of film and associated paraphernalia as well as processing services. I haven't been there but a friend is a fan.

  • The Photocrafters
    3rd Floor, Heng Fat Building
    140 Wing Lok Street,
    Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
    +852 2851 1003
    +852 6136 5800 (Simon)
    info [at] thephotocrafters [dot] org

    The Photocrafters is a rental darkroom space.

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Photo Studio Rental

I have not rented studio space in Hong Kong but have heard of the below spaces.

  • StudioRentHK
    3F Hong Kong Jewellery Bldg.
    178-180 Queens Road Central
    Tel 2834 3200
  • Danfo Superrstudio
    Unit 1908 - 1909
    Phase 2, Chai Wan Industrial City
    70 Wing Tai Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong
    Danfo Sze: +852 2558 2108
    danforosy [at] yahoo [dot] com [dot] hk

    No, that isn't a typo: They really do call it "Superrstudio." Their website describes their facility as a 2726 square foot Manhattan-style space. I'm not sure how a Manhattan-style studio differs from a non Manhattan-style studio.

  • PASM Workshop
    Flat C, 1/F, Block C, Chin Fat Factory Building, 3 Tsat Po Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    +852 3693 4044 (Studio)
    +852 6627 5277 (24-hour hotline / WhatsApp)
    sales [at] pasmworkshop [dot] com

    Rental studio space

  • Shing Fung Film Studio
    94-95, Sun On Tsuen, Sai Kung, Kowloon, HK
    +852 2792 2176
    sales [at] studios [dot] com [dot] hk

    Film sound stage rental.

  • Shaw Studios
    201, Wan Po Road, Tseung Kwan O, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    +852 3123 1111
    Momoko Cheng
    +852 3123 1177
    +852 9801 6737
    m [dot] cheng [at] shawstudios [dot] hk

    High-end sound stages.

  • Clear Water Bay Film Studio
    368 DD 224, Hang Hau, Ying Yip Road,
    Clearwater Bay Road,
    Sai Kung,
    New Territories
    Hong Kong
    +852 2780 5355

    Sound stages

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Model Agencies

I don't have direct experience with any of these agencies; they have been recommended by a reputable Hong Kong photographer.

  • Jimmy Model Management
    Flat 1602, 16/F, Professional Bldg, 19-23 Tung Lo Wan Rd, Causeway Bay, HK
    +85267011080 (10:00AM~6:00PM)
    keith-jimmymodel [at] hotmail [dot] com
  • Billions Model Management
    Room 803, 8/F, Yue Xiu Building, 160-174 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
    CK Lee, Director
    +852 3488 6170
    info [at] billionsmodel [dot] com
  • Mission Models Limited
    8/F., Kwong Fat Hong Building, 1 Rumsey Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
    Milla Chung, Booker - milla [at] missionmodels [dot] com [dot] hk
    Tel: +852 2815 0555
    Mobile: +852 6067 8162
    Fax: +852 2815 1311
  • Style International Management Limited
    Room 701, 7/F, Park Commercial Centre, 180 Tung Lo Wan Road, Tin Hau, Hong Kong
    Kelvy Wong
    +852 9037 7034
    Kelvy kelvy [at] stylemgt [dot] com [dot] hk
    msn : alicenine_devil [at] hotmail [dot] com
  • Talent Hundred Performance Limited
    22/F, Shun Kwong Comm. Building, 8 Des Voeux Road West,HK.
    +852 6686 7176
    +852 3163 2313

    Randy Shiu, Booker
    +852 9777 0608
    +852 3163 2313
    randyshiu [at] talent100 [dot] com

    Ms. Hugo Lau, Booker
    +852 6686 7176
    hugolau [at] talent100 [dot] com

  • Stage Models
    Kenny Yeung, Manager
    Tel: +852 2877 7809
    Fax: +852 2111 0261
  • Retro House
    Unit 4H, Tung Kin Factory Building, 200-202 Tsat Tsz Mui Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
    Ruby Ho, Marketing Executive
    +852 3568-4012
    info [at] retro [dot] com [dot] hk

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  • Magnum (Offset) Printing Co. Ltd
    11B E-Tat Factory Building, 4 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong.
    Tel : +852 2555 2438
    Fax: (852) 2814 0524
    info [at] magnumoffset [dot] com [dot] hk

    Magnum is a quality offset printing company based in Hong Kong. A friend had his photo book printed there and I shot a video of the printing process at Magnum's Hong Kong factory and Dongguan book bindery.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that Magnum did buy me lunch a few times (which was both tasty and very much appreciated).

  • AO: The Photo Book Center
    G/F, Asia One Tower, 8 Fung Yip Street, Chai Wan
    Tel: +852 2976 0913
    Business Hours: 11am – 8pm (Mon – Sat)

    This retail arm of the Asia One publishing group has perhaps the largest selection of photo books in Hong Kong. AO also offers small run custom publishing services that could be useful.

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  • Laurence Lai Gallery
    Shop No.31, L1 and Shop No. 3, G/F
    The Peak Galleria, 118 The Peak Road, Hong Kong
    +852 2191 2097

    The Laurence Lai Gallery is a commercial gallery primarily targeting tourists. Laurence, the owner, is an enthusiastic supporter of local photography and entirely worth meeting.

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  • AXA Insurance

    Some photographers use AXA. Apparently KK is the go-to guy for photographers there.

  • Kwiksure
    neil [at] kwiksure [dot] com

    Kwiksure also insures photographers. It seems Neil is the go-to guy there: neil [at] kwiksure [dot] com

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Aerial Photography - Helicopters

  • Heliservices
    +852 2802 0200
    chp [at] heliservices [dot] com [dot] hk

    According to Graham Uden (author of a book of HK aerial photos), it can be nearly impossible to book flights on clear days (when most photographers would want to go aloft in a whirlybird), not to mention expensive. Typhoon season in Hong Kong (around June) usually features the greatest number of clear days.

  • Quadrocopter Aviator
    Joe Yu
    +852 9227 7757
    +852 2982 8684
    joe_yu_ [at] hotmail [dot] com

    RC helicopter services; able to put a DSLR aloft for something like 1/25th the cost of hourly helicopter rental.

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Business Registration / Working Visas

  • InvestHK
  • Hong Kong Visa Geeza
  • Hong Kong is known for its relatively humane immigration policy and free business environment. Many freelance photographers obtain working visas by registering a business in HK (which requires little more than a local mailing address) then applying for a working visa through that company (a process apt to require substantially more documentation).

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Other Bits and Pieces

  • Apliu Street Flea Market

    There are a number of shops dealing in Chinese-brand photography accessories at the Apliu Street market in Sham Shui Po. Prices are often better than those in mainland China and the goods are sometimes higher quality. It is possible to find things at Apliu Street that will last quite well under professional use but the vast majority of the goods are poorly designed, sloppily made and produced from materials inferior to those found in imported goods (to be a bit blunt...).

    From the Sham Shui Po metro station, take the Apliu Street exit then turn left. There are four or so camera shops scattered along both sides of the walking street.

  • Howen International Co
    RM. 201, 2nd Floor, Entrepot Centre, 117 How Ming St., Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    +852 2356-2863
    howen [at] pacific [dot] net [dot] hk

    Howen International is the Hong Kong distributor for Think Tank Photo bags and Markins tripod ballheads. Their shop is a bit out in the middle of nowhere (by Hong Kong standards) but David, the proprietor, is exceptionally nice and a great salesman.

  • Golden Computer Market
    Golden Building
    146-152 Fuk Wah Street

    The Golden Computer Market is the best place I've found to buy hard drives and other bits and pieces of computer hardware I frequently need for storing and working with digital photos: everything from monitors to odd-length USB cables. Prices are sometimes lower in mainland China or Macau.

  • Wan Chai Computer Center

    The Wan Chai computer market is perhaps more convenient than the Golden market but generally has higher prices and a smaller selection of odd electronic components.

    It's right on top of the Wan Chai metro station; follow the signs in the station to get to the correct exit.

  • VST Computers
    Flat 4, 2/F., Chong Fat Building
    266-268 Cheung Sha Wan Road
    Sham Shui Po, Kowloon
    +852 2728 7728

    VST is one of the main companies handling warranty service on hard drives (which photographers, or at least this photographer, buy often and replace often under warranty). I list them here because their contact details aren't listed on their hard drive warranty stickers, only a very criptic "VST." Their warranty office is near the Sham Shui Po metro station (exit A2, I believe). Bring a receipt and original box if you have it.

The Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers Ltd (HKIPP) also has a list of Hong Kong resources for professional photographers. The HKIPP is a valuable resource in and of itself as well.

The Hong Kong government Film Services Office has a production directory that may be useful.

For a few other photography equipment resources in Macau and mainland China, please see my earlier list of south China photography resources.

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Hi many thanks for these precious information about photo shop in HK!
Actually i wish find a shop who can process my films, so i contact Christco but too late..fthey stop film processing.
I tried Colorsix few times ago , it was ok but i want try another.

Can you advice me ?

Thanks !


Hi Nico,

I heard of Digital Force recently and added them to the list. If they don't fit the bill, you might ask Mr. Poon at Photo Scientific; he seems to still sell a fair bit of film.